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By definition, a catalyst is a substance that initiates or accelerates a reaction. Catalyst Collaborative applies this principle to communications, helping organizations and companies communicate their mission and services in order to initiate or accelerate effective response. We provide comprehensive creative services, with a focus on integrating exceptional photography, creative messaging and powerful design.
Prioritizing depth over breadth, we take the time to get to know each of our clients to an extent that makes their communications authentic and impactful. We’ve served many of our clients for many years and always look forward to the next assignment. Our collaborative approach means that we work with other creative and techies to create the right team for every project. 
Whether you are a hospital or hotel, law firm or foundation, advocate or educational institution, Catalysts’ goal is to create communications that impart your personality and purpose; that make your audiences pause, consider and respond; that illuminate you and your message better than you could ever have imagined.

About Ian and Carolyn
Those who know Ian well have probably seen him pause at someone’s expression or a sun-drenched scene and proclaim, ”nice light.” He can’t help but notice it. The power of light ­— and a photographs unique ability to convey it — have captivated his imagination and propelled his passion to help people, companies and non-profits tell their stories and communicate their messages with the best possible light.
A native of Vermont, and then Colorado, Ian began exploring the art and technique of image-making at the Hallmark Institute of Photography, where he graduated in the top 10% of his class. He then traded mountains for sea, and worked as a photographer for the world’s largest hospital ship, the Mercy Ship Anastasis, sailing between West Africa and Europe.  

For Carolyn, the written word has long compelled her: the way words sound in a well-crafted sentence, and their potential to resonate, connect and inspire. After graduating cum laude with a BA in English from Davidson College, her personal interest in writing turned professional when she joined the Mercy Ships, Anastasis in West Africa as a writer.

Recognizing that words matter more when when combined with powerful images, design or layout, she expanded her craft to include branding and creative direction, leading communication initiatives for nonprofits and organizations working in healthcare, housing, education and community development.

Ian and Carolyn have worked together for 20 years, serving organizations of many sizes and missions: from a health center in rural Rwanda to one of Connecticut’s largest providers of affordable housing. Today, Ian and Carolyn work from a studio overlooking the Quinnipiac River in New Haven, Connecticut — a location perfect for responding to assignments in their community, or throughout the world. 

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